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Inequalities, Community Resilience and New Governance Modalities in a Post-Pandemic World

Cluster V - Innovation Mode: Interdisciplinary Knowledge synthesis of ENDURE


  • Examine the correspondence between various disciplines studying resilience;
  • Synthesize project results regarding societal transformation in relation to Covid19, including infrastructure, economy, digital revolution, politics, and socio-cultural transformations
  • Add to the interdisciplinary diagnostic and prognostic toolbox of risk, vulnerability and resilience assessment.

This cluster posits that a harmonized paradigm and theory of resilience—applied through various contexts and responses generated by the other workplans – is required to address the many challenges that global society is currently facing in the context of a global disaster like COVID-19. It is composed of three case studies.

  • Construct correspondence on resilience. The primary task of this element will be to inductively trace and map the puzzles to which resilience is presented as a solution while making sure to intertwine these puzzles with their intersubjective context and meaning. A multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) of the various research questions (across time in a discipline and across disciplines) will be employed to understand how these research questions tie (or perhaps do not tie) together.
  • ENDURE and Thrive: Transformation of society. Through a multi-stage process, the team members will use their individual understandings of resilience as they examine the societal domain assigned to them (governance, inequalities, public attitudes and media) and, as teams, will be asked to report out the following: primary facets of transformation (those on which they agree and which are relevant to all project cases) and secondary facets (those on which they agree but which are not relevant to all project cases), and tertiary facets (those on which they don’t agree or on which do not feel qualified to evaluate).
  • Better Governance: Risk-scapes and Resilience-scapes. This case study will integrate aspects from the vulnerability/inequality cluster with that of the governance cluster (while considering how the two broad domains interact through the communication cluster) to specify nodal risks and opportunities for resilience under different scenarios and, importantly, under different disciplinary definitions of resilience.
  • Academic workshop on “resilience” leading to a special issue/edited volume
  • Academic workshop on Covid-19 related societal transformations leading to a special issue

Team members working in Cluster V

Eric Jones (Co-Leader) 

Philippe Bourbeau (Co-Leader)

Marina Fontolan

Rodrigo Ramírez Autrán

José Maria Trajano 

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